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(260) 475 8188is a safe call
The calls from this number are safe to answer.
Caller Name:Y*** E**** C***
Location:Pleasant Lake, IN US
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  • This is an important message for the person who pays the net go gas bill. It's open enrollment time for the two year guaranteed savings on your cost of natural gas offered through net school(?) choice program.com. The average customer savings is almost 20% but the capacity is limited. So do not delay. Open enrollment will close soon to enroll in the guaranteed savings program call 260-475-8188 or visit us on the web at www.schoolchoiceprogram.com. You will need your account number and meter number to enroll. So please have those available to expedite service. Thank you.
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  • I got a voicemail but did not get a call. It said Nipsco gas customers can get a guaranteed savings for 2 years. I called to see what it was about. I spoke with Kim. She told me I can choose my own natural gas supplier in the Nipsco Choice Program. She said there was 1 that offered a guaranteed savings compared to Nipscos rate. She showed me on my bill that the gas commodity charge line will turn into the supplier name and the average savings in the program over the last 3 years was almost 20%. I still was not ready to sign up. I did some more research. The best info came from Nipscos website, https://www.nipsco.com/bills-and-payments/billing-programs/choice. It shows all the authorized suppliers and their current rates. I saw the supplier Kim was talking about on the website and the rate was lower than Nipsco's. I called Kim back and told her to sign me up!

    AnonymousSep 12, 2021 8:22 AM
  • Got a voicemail, just like everyone else. I called back to see what it was about. Initially, I thought it was a scam. A guy answered with solid English but I hung up. I went to the website www.naturalgaschoice.com to see the details. I was impressed but still skeptical. I called Nipsco customer care and they said it was a real offer. I called 260-475-8188 back. I spoke with a guy named Alex. He helped me enroll. Now I have a guaranteed savings on my gas bill! Thanks Alex!

    AnonymousSep 12, 2021 12:23 AM
  • I received a voicemail for open enrollment and website www.naturalgaschoice.com for Nipsco customers. I thought it was a scam so I called Nipsco. They said there are natural gas suppliers I can choose in their Choice Program but I would have to call them directly to confirm the offer. I called 260-475-8188. Kim picked up the phone. I asked her to tell me about the best plan she had for Nipsco customers. She suggested the guaranteed savings plan. For 2 years, the supplier will guarantee a lower rate than Nipsco's. She said there are other suppliers who offer a fixed rate that I could also sign up with but in her opinion, this was the best because they are the only one who guarantees a savings against Nipsco's rate. No other supplier would give that guarantee. I called a few other suppliers but like Kim said, no guarantee. I decided to give it a shot and signed up with the guaranteed savings plan. This is perfect for seniors or limited incomes. Kim was very nice and helpful.

    AnonymousSep 12, 2021 12:21 AM
  • Called to see if I wanted to sign up for guaranteed savings plan for Nipsco gas customers. www.naturalgaschoice.com

    AnonymousSep 11, 2021 4:22 PM
  • Hey guys! My name is Alex. Just wanted to let you know that thru the Nipsco Choice Program, you can choose your own natural gas supplier. Right now there is only 1 that's offering the guaranteed savings. They guarantee your cost of natural gas will be lower than Nipsco's rate for the next 2 years. What's nice is your billing and customer service stays with Nipsco. The only difference you will notice is that instead of seeing the line that says gas commodity charge, you will see your supplier name. The other difference is that you are paying less money. The average savings in the program over the last 3 years has been almost 20% but everything else will stay the same. Also, if you have auto-pay or budget billing, that stays on, if you have a gas leak or power outage, you still call Nipsco. Once again all this does is guarantees your cost of natural gas will be lower for the next 2 years! Call 260-475-8188 for more info or to enroll. You can also visit naturalgaschoice.com

    AnonymousSep 11, 2021 4:21 PM

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